Malai Romanian Corn Meal Casserole

Malai is a Romanian Corn meal casserole recipe. In our family it was prepared by my grandmother on my mother’s side. We called her Omama. Her real name was Sura but the grand kids called her just that.  Omama was an immigrant from Eastern Europe who arrived to Colombia after the war. She was born near the border between Russia and Read more


Omama’s Signature Sponge Cake

There are tons of sponge cake recipes available. but my grandmother whom I called Omama had a special touch when it came to making hers. It was genuinely “spongy” moist, fluffy and just sweet enough! It would only last about a day at the house. Leave it out in the kitchen and like little mice passers by would Read more


Challah Dough Making

  It has been a very rough week due to the terrible events of terror that have been escalating in the world.  As a human being,  the news affects me. The pictures turn my stomach and I just long to be at home,  beside family, feeling protected with my husband and being in a loving and fruitful environment together with our Read more