Jimmie Bernal Woodworking

Living in Southern Florida with my family on Blue Stallion Farm, has provided endless inspiration for my woodturning work. The peace and tranquility here on the farm rivals nothing and my mind is in constant creativity mode with everything I do.

I started woodturning a few years ago after I bought myself a small lathe that fit on my work bench. I watched some videos and got an idea of how to use some of the tools, bought some wood online and made my first bowl. I gave that bowl to my wife, Gany, and she still uses it today to hold her makeup brushes. From then on I was hooked. I joined a local woodturning club and met my mentor; he held nothing back and taught me everything I know today.

I love finding and picking raw pieces of wood for my projects. Each piece is unique and beautiful in its own way and brings with it its own origin of inspiration. For the majority of my pieces, I don’t really plan out what they will be before I start making it. I put the wood on the lathe and it talks to me…I just start turning and it happens!