The Luxury of Nature, Brought Home A bee
We believe that self-care is an art, and your home is a reflection of your creativity. Our collection of Bath, Body, Candles, and Lifestyle Products are dreamed up at Blue Stallion Farm, the tropical oasis we call home. It’s a place where the mangos, guava, and jasmine are kissed by honeybees, and where we draw inspiration for everything we make. Clean, natural, beautiful products made with care and attention to the smallest of details. A smear
It was always my dream to create a home where my family could be surrounded by nature. The dream became a reality with Blue Stallion Farm where I added horsewoman, farmer, cookbook author, and chicken wrangler to my resume. I adore the nourishing, healing power of natural ingredients and scents. You’ll see that love in everything we make. From luxurious, beautiful, and highly effective skincare, to gorgeous lifestyle products inspired by our world. I’m so thrilled to share a slice of Blue Stallion with everyone.
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