“I learned a long time ago that I have to make whatever space that I’m in my own. It has to say something about who I am.”

Gany Lalo Bernal

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of living on a farm and six years ago I found my happy place. My husband Jimmie and I stumbled upon our home in an unlikely spot: marshland. The biggest surprise of it all is that this marshland in Southern Florida has been turned into lush horse country. We didn’t know a thing about horses in the beginning but when we saw this quirky ‘60s ranch house on 10 acres of land that needed a lot of love, we saw an amazing chance for a lifestyle change and we took it. I am not going to lie, the decision was scary and intimidating. There is a tremendous responsibility that comes with this lifestyle but we always had faith and truly believe that what is done in love is done well. So we did it, whole heartedly and never looked back and this is where the story of Blue Stallion Farm begins.

The farm was originally part of an elderly couple’s estate and had not been a working farm for 12 years. This meant that there was a lot of work to do because the home’s look, while full of character, was far from our style, but this process was part of the journey. For the past six years, we have been molding Blue Stallion Farm’s 10 acres into our home where we all cook in the kitchen together making our family’s favorite recipes, roam the grounds outside, live amongst the animals (we currently have 6 dogs, 2 cats, 1 pig, 11 horses, 3 zebus, birds and chickens!) and enjoy a bright and happy retreat everyday with our children, Benjamin, Shana, Hanna and Misha. We invite you to continue the journey with us, whether it be adventures in the kitchen, out on the farm and in the barn, sharing in our family’s inspiration or following us along on our many travels!

Behind the Blog

Rikki Snyder, Photographer

The way that Gany and I met is very simple and innate but still one of my favorite stories to tell. I received a phone call one day from a woman who lived on a horse farm in Florida and was wondering if I could photograph it; she sounded so sweet and passionate. As we spoke, I learned a little more about Blue Stallion Farm and that Gany had bookmarked my work after seeing how I photographed other colorful spaces and farmhouses. She had this vision about how she wanted to share her story and the life that her family had created. Gany described the farm and sent along some photographs of her home. To me, it was perfect. I immediately saw her vision and knew that I wanted to show the rest of the world what it looked like through my lens. And so, from the beginning, I was hooked.

After our initial meeting at Blue Stallion Farm, which seemed like a fairy tale to be taking it all in in person, we started working on photo shoots where we photographed delicious family recipes, the alluring interiors of their home, the magical grounds of the farm and life in the barn. Today, I feel so lucky that Gany trusts me to share these pieces that make up this family’s beautiful life and to help create, photograph and manage content for Blue Stallion Farm.

Shana Cohen, Contributor

“Shaaaannnnaaaaa,” they shout. My mother, my sister, my friends. In the morning before school, at noon, and just before dinner. It must be a burden for them to constantly call out for me, but at least I am consistent, because they always know where to find me: the barn.

I am 18 years old, a freshman in college, and an older sister but ultimately, I am an equestrian. Horses are my passion and have been involved in my life since I was 12 years old; for the past 6 years, I have been able to entwine them with independence, horsemanship and the riding discipline, dressage.

Being relatively new to the equestrian realm, I welcome you to embark on this journey with me that will be marked with learning, love, adventure, and sheer joy. Now, If you’d like to put a face to the name you’ll hear being howled throughout the farm, you’ll know where to find me: look out for my equestrian posts to stay updated with our latest experiences at the barn.

Hanna Cohen, Illustrator

My name is Hanna, I am 15 years old and an artist. My passion for art started the very first time I picked up a pencil. To me, art is a means of bringing my ideas to life, and sharing my thoughts with the world.

What I love most about art is its universality. Regardless of one's background, everyone can see, feel and share the same emotions that a piece of artwork evokes. I have never been one to settle for working with just one type of media; my work has ranged from sketches, to wire sculptures, watercolor and even sowing.



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