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Blue Stallion Farm Book
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Springing forth from the tropical paradise of her own making at Blue Stallion Farm, the renowned creative force behind the Blue Stallion brand, Gany Bernal, is proud to bring to you her first published book, combining the story of how Blue Stallion Farm got its origins, together with cherished family recipes and the loving family homestead that Gany has built for her beloved children and her precious animals.
Blue Stallion Farm Book
A home where the indoor and outdoor lines are blurred, until it all becomes one connected entity.
Gany introduces you to the passionate forces in her own life that led her to fulfill her lifelong dream of living on a working farm in tropical South Florida, surrounded by beautiful and diverse nature. This has led to her journey of developing the Blue Stallion brand of products, combining cooking, personal style, decorating, health & wellness, all with a unique perspective on how to build a truly satisfying life.
Preserving our memories through recipes is a way of staying connected to all that has come before us.
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This book, many years in the making, shares with you Gany's vision of style and the many recipes handwritten by Gany's grandmother, lovingly compiled and put together in a one-of-a-kind tome. It is about living an authentic and delicious life full of passion. To instill a deep love and connection with the land, with animals, and with family. It is to focus on the organic, natural fruits, vegetables and floral scents all found at Blue Stallion Farm. A life-long pursuit for a sense of belonging and profound tranquility, by planting roots and watching them grow. This is Blue Stallion Farm.
Blue Stallion Farm Book
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