One of the things that stuck out to all of us the most was the landscape. It was breathtaking. One of the evenings we sat outside near the fields where the horses are turned out to. They have thousands of acres to roam but on this particular night they were all down in a little valley by our cabin near a drinking creek. It was such a peaceful scene. Shana and I sat in the field and just took it all in.
This summer our family took a 6 day vacation in Wyoming! We stayed in Saratoga at the Brusch Creek Ranch. The ranch is set on 30,000 pristine private acres right in the heart of the Platte River Valley in the Southeastern part of the state. We spent one of the days moving cattle from one side of the ranch to the other. It took a few hours to complete on horseback and the views were incredible. We all loved having such a vast amount of open space around us to easily allow riding together in a group. It was a dream come true! If you are an experienced rider the ranch lets you go on long trails where you can walk, trot, canter and basically gallop! We weren't restricted at all which was such a great experience.
The ranch has so many activities that you can do and professional guides along the way to help. We went fly fishing, mountain biking, shot archery, went hiking, trail riding, barrel racing, poll bending and rock climbing. We rode on ATVs, did rope courses and went shooting. We did more in 6 days than we would have done in two weeks on any other vacation! Everyone constantly had something to do that was appealing to their own liking. Some activities we did all together and others we would just do on our own or as part of groups and then meet up for lunch or dinner. It was the perfect balance for our family and gave us a taste of the wild, wild west!
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