A Fresh Look At The Barn

A little change of scenery can make a world of a difference.

With everything going on this summer, we may not all be able to get out and go on a vacation this year. But we benefit so greatly from just getting out of the house and experiencing a new place, don’t we?! If anything, I think we all need a vacation MORE than ever before!

And here is where a luxurious summer staycation can come into play. Just moving around some furniture, intentionally taking time off and grabbing an ice cold cocktail can do wonders for the soul!

To change things up a bit for our summer staycation we redid our barn living room. We had some old sofas in storage for years and it was time to bust those out and give ourselves a fresh look. We also transformed the space with a new rug and brought over this vintage piano so when we all hang out here we can have some live music- nothing better than that!

We are intentionally making time to come out here and relax with the horses and birds in the aviary and it is blissful to watch the sunrise from this spot. The light is incredible! Just changing around some furniture can make a world of a difference for your mind and body.

We hope you are all having a safe and relaxing summer so far!

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