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A Spring Garden Update

It is finally Spring time on the farm and things are bursting, blooming and as beautiful as ever! I wanted to share some pictures of our everyday scenes in the gardens and I hope they brighten up your day...
The chickens are as busy as ever laying lots of beautiful eggs for our family.
I love all of the beautiful colors... these are the epitome of Spring!
The garden is producing the most succulent abundance of greens right now. We have kale, lettuce, chard, herbs, bok choy... the list goes on! It's been such a treat to harvest these beauties everyday.
We are spending lots of time outdoors, under the pergola, getting a chance to soak in the colors from the bougainvillea and other flowers this time of year.
Early foggy mornings at sunrise are one of my favorite times of the day on the farm. It's magical watching the sun come up through the fog!
Things at Jimmie's wood shop have been ticking along nicely. I love spending late afternoons on the porch here.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful start to Spring!