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Beloved Banyan Trees

banyan tree in southern Florida
Banyan trees are the largest ficus tree growing in our area and are also native to India where it is the national tree. The largest Banyan tree alive today is in India and covers 4.7 acres. How incredible is that?! These trees are strangler figs meaning they grow from seeds that land on other trees. They send down roots that smother their hosts and grow deeply into the ground creating branch-supporting pillars that resemble tree trunks. They also have a lot of aerial roots which hang down from the limbs which look as if you could swing on them.
These magical trees create a mysterious world when you walk around and under them. They also provide an abundance of shade which is always welcome down here when it’s hot and sunny outside. The shaded areas they create for us are perfect spots to sit and rest with a glass of water or to throw down a blanket and have a picnic lunch.
We love that our Banyan trees add such a unique look and feel to the landscape. What are some of your favorite trees and plants?
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