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Introduction to The Stables

Hey everyone!
Being both the Stable section’s and my first ever blog post, I just wanted to share the type of content that I will be featuring throughout my- or rather our- journey in the equestrian realm. Due to the discipline and precision that farm work, general horse care, and dressage have instilled in me, I have composed a map, an outline that will guide us to our adventure’s destination: becoming authentic horsemen.
The Start:
I’d like to begin with the factor that dragged me off of my feet in the barn aisle way, and plopped me onto my tush in a seat near the stalls, the reason why I am writing any of this to you: horses. They are my passion, and if you’re reading this, they must be yours too.
Before riding comes along, it is essential that you truly know your horse: his/her character, temperament, habits, health, likes, dislikes, and overall personality. Topics will range from basic animal psychology, to daily care, natural horsemanship, and veterinary/farrier/nutritional insight.
The Winding Road:
Next, I’ll transition to the various activities that involve horses; some will be standard and common, while others may be unique and personalized. Topics will range from training, to competition, barn management, sheer play, and pleasure.
The Infinite Goal:
Finally, we will cover- or rather continue covering -my favorite aspect of the equestrian realm: the endless goal of becoming horsemen. The truth is, absolutely no one is, or ever will be a horseman...Instead, everyone is in the infinite pursuit of becoming one, because there has, is, and always will be new knowledge, skills, and wisdom to obtain.
I hope that you choose to embark on this journey alongside myself and the rest of the Blue Stallion Farm family. Until next time!