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Our Stable Style

Our goal has always been to make comfortable and stylish spaces for our family and all of our animals at home. The best space where we can achieve both of these combined is at the barn! Because we have such mild winters here in Florida this time of year is the beginning of our favorite outdoor season. In honor of the cooler temperatures and cozier days ahead we are sharing a little tour of where we love to spend most of our time at the farm...our barn living area.
The barn is truly an extension of our home and we love having this space as a cozy spot to hang out with the horses. We basically took all of the essential pieces that you would have in a living room and brought them outside. We have ample seating for the whole family to enjoy this space all at once. We brought in an outdoor carpet and coffee table to complete the look and finished off the space with outdoor pillows and decorative wood bowls, that my husband Jimmie has handmade, filled with dried flowers.
We also have a full dining table out here so we can enjoy dinners by the barn and spend extra time with our horses! Cheers to cozier days ahead.