The tack room at Blue Stallion Farm

The Tack Room

Whether you have a large or small stable, a tack room is a very important necessity for storing saddles, bridles and other equipment. It’s key that your equipment in this space is kept well organized and safe and that this room is easily accessible in a convenient location.  As you may have noticed by now, we love to create functional yet stylish spaces here on the farm and our tack room is no exception.

Where our tack room is now used to be a storage room in the barn before we moved in. The room was filled with metal shelving and old equipment. Given that this room is right inside the barn next to the horse stalls, easily accessible from the office and front and side entrances, it made sense that this would be our tack room. It just needed a little bit of love!

Tack room before:

The tack room at Blue Stallion Farm

After planning out the space and assessing what we would be storing in here, what specific equipment, the number of saddles, etc. we sat down with Curt and Ani again to work on the aesthetics for this room. Our tack room is modest in size but with Curt’s simple, open saddle-rack design we are able to store 12 saddles on the wall where before we could only place a handful. Not only does this create an extremely organized and functional feature, it also looks really nice too. As a base for the open saddle-rack, Curt created a decorative panel wall using plywood and stains to add a unique personality that fits our style.

Tack room after:

The tack room at Blue Stallion Farm

We also use these fun metal horse shoe hooks to hang bridles on the wall keeping them organized and untangled:

The tack room at Blue Stallion Farm

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