100 Things We’ve Learned on The Farm

It is said that, “Girls with dreams become women of vision”.

As we wrap up our 7th year on the farm and push forward to 2020 with exciting new things happening, we are looking back to remember all of the things we have learned from our life on this farm.

We took a chance back in 2012 to make a huge lifestyle shift when we bought our farm and truth be told, we never looked back…until today. And we are ‘looking back’ in the spirit of reflection of the very best kind. Focusing on and digesting all of the knowledge and growth this farm and lifestyle has brought into our lives. Shaping and changing our family, all for the better.

My dream to raise our family on a farm has blossomed into reality and over the past 7 years we renovated our home and barn, revived our 10 acres of land and fostered the growth of countless animals including our chickens, horses, dogs, birds and many more. This process has been a winding road and along the way we have learned so many important lessons, big and small, and we continue to learn more with each and every day that comes. 

Here is a list of some things we learned or experienced because of life on this farm…

  1. Assisted in Foaling of our horses
  2. The girls learned how to give our animals injections, muscle or intravenous.
  3. We raised yearlings
  4. Started horses
  5. Assisted in a calf birth
  6. Learned about what you need to do to save an abandoned baby raccoon.
  7. Natural horsemanship and its techniques
  8. How to clear fallen trees from hurricane disaster. Cut, Trim, drag and repurpose fallen trees.
  9. How to drive multiple types of tractors at a very young age.
  10. Many ways to use bail string
  11. How to tie a variety of knots
  12. How to comeback from a hurricane disaster
  13. How to drag arenas and determine proper footing.
  14. Learned and trained in the beautiful sport of Dressage.
  15. How to prepare land for planting.
  16. How to build chicken coops
  17. How to raise hens
  18. How to master basic mechanic skills
  19. Built an arena
  20. Build paddocks
  21. Fix old fences and built new ones.
  22. Metal work and welding skills
  23. How to doctor animals at home when possible
  24. How to cook over open fire
  25. How to make cheese and Yogurt
  26. About Woodwork, wood turning
  27. How to spread manure
  28. How to trim the feet of our pig
  29. Learned about good farrier work.
  30. Basic carpentry skills
  31. How to prep for hurricanes on the farm and stay sustainable.
  32. How to hitch, load and pull multiple types of horse trailers
  33. How to drive a trailer all shapes and sizes at 16.
  34. About well water
  35. Different techniques to keep away predators. i/e Wolf pee to protect our hens.
  36. Basic plumbing skills
  37. All about Egyptian Geese
  38. How to incubate eggs
  39. How to do an ultrasound on a mini cow
  40. To look out for our animal’s wellbeing and identify problems or discomforts
  41. Packing for horse shows
  42. How to send entries and do logistic setup for shows.
  43. How to plan 15-24 hour drives with horses.
  44. About food and supplements for horses and how to plan a regimen for each
  45. Learned to plan training routines
  46. How to manage time
  47. How to properly lunge horses
  48. Taught our pony to pull a cart
  49. How to drive a cart
  50. Swam in a lake with horses
  51. How to shoot and clean a firearm
  52. Archery
  53. How to stretch horses
  54. About chiropractor work on horses
  55. How to host events for special needs children
  56. Sold fresh laid eggs
  57. About weather patterns; signs to looks out for rain
  58. About good and bad frogs
  59. How to trap Raccoons and possum
  60. How to save snakes
  61. How to save birds
  62. How to drive a truck
  63. How to cut grass
  64. How to plant trees
  65. How to cultivate avocado seed for planting
  66. How to cultivate Mango seed for planting
  67. How to grow bananas
  68. How to grow sugar cane
  69. How to grow watermelon
  70. How to harvest sunflower seeds
  71. How to identify different skin rashes
  72. How to manage non-sweating horses
  73. How to ride a horse
  74. How to build a barn
  75. How to build a car port
  76. How to set up a motorhome, drive a motorhome, hook up a motorhome, set up sewage
  77. How to plant and harvest a vegetable garden
  78. How to grow pumpkins
  79. Photography skills
  80. Videography skills
  81. How to choreograph a freestyle
  82. How to edit music for a freestyle
  83. How to braid horses’ hair
  84. How to clip horses
  85. About footing
  86. About drainage
  87. About Hoof care
  88. About grooming horses
  89. About horsemanship and sportsmanship
  90. How to enjoy time alone
  91. About Turn out horses and their play language
  92. How to catch a loose cow
  93. How to raise cows
  94. How to raise a pig
  95. How to change a blowout tire on a trailer on a highway with horses
  96. How to rehabilitate chickens, how to order them online and about foul pox
  97. How to quarantine a barn
  98. How to order and schedule food deliveries for the farm and about equine nutrition
  99. How to be responsible about living beings
  100. How to take care of a Tortoise.

A lot of the things we have learned on our farm are practical skills and hands-on work. But one of the most important lessons of all is that our family has learned to be responsible about living beings. This knowledge is so important and has taught us that these animals are completely dependent on us and that we have the responsibility to properly care for them.

Walking with the dogs

Tito and Misha



Looking back on the images of our farm when we bought it, in comparison to how it is today is quite an eye opener of all the blood, sweat and tears we’ve put into our home. As well as a reminder of all the things we’ve learned along the journey. Here are some of our most dramatic before & afters of our home…




Exciting things are still to come in this next year of 2020. We have been working on a special project, documenting our family & farm, and are putting it all together in a book! This project captures all of the things we’ve learned along the way and we are so excited to share this with you in the new year!

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