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Hi, I’m Gany! I have a love of everything ethnic and bohemian and an infinite interest in one of a kind pieces. I believe that you can work with what you have to mix together what you love. I will never stop styling and making my house a home. It is filled with artifacts from places I have been, memorable pieces from family or incredible finds. I value uniqueness and our home is filled with colors, patterns and ethnicity. I love nature and animals and live on a small farm in Southwest Ranches, Florida together with my husband, our four children, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, geese, ducks, birds, and a pot belly pet pig called, Emily. I am a modern day bohemian, a wife, a mother and the Chief Creative Officer of the Invicta Watch Group.
Six years ago, I found my happy place. My husband Jimmie and I stumbled upon our home in an unlikely spot: marshland. The biggest surprise of it all is that this marshland in Southern Florida has been turned into lush horse country. I grew up in Miami with the ocean as my play-ground and Jimmie is a Chicago transplant with the city as his former backyard. We didn’t know a thing about horses but when we saw this quirky ‘60s ranch house on 10 acres of land that needed a lot of love, we saw an amazing chance for a lifestyle change and we took it. I am not going to lie, the decision was scary and intimidating. There is a tremendous responsibility that comes with this lifestyle but we always had faith and truly believe that what is done in love is done well. So we did it, whole heartedly and never looked back.
I have had a thing for farm life and animals since I was a child. As a teenager I begged my parents to let me live on a kibbutz in Israel so I could learn about working the land and taking care of animals. And although life was already hectic enough, being a creative director for Invicta and a mother to four kids, I knew that this was my chance to live out the fantasy I had always dreamt of and give my children the tools to have meaning and a sense of purpose in life. I wanted to share something special with them and teach them how to be hands-on and love it. The horses make up a great component of their ever-growing identity, constantly guiding them through thick and thin.
My oldest son Benjamin is a student in college but my daughters Shana, Hanna and Misha are still at home and play a large role on the farm. Shana has graduated from high school a year early so she can have a more lenient schedule in college and be able to pursue her passion as an athlete and go to school at the same time. Shana especially loves spending time in the barn with the horses, they are her passion. We remodeled our barn to include a living area with a thatched roof because we all hang out there with the horses. We really want to live close to the land.
The inside of our home is buzzing with just as much life as the outside. The interiors were dark and dated when we bought the house so we made cosmetic changes little by little. Our decorating goal is entirely about self expression and we want our home to feel like an everyday retreat. I salvaged and repurposed whenever possible so a lot of the surfaces and furniture pieces here were reimagined with paint. The vivid colors reflect my family’s spirit and celebrate our rich ancestry I was born in Panama to an Israeli-born father and a mother whose Russian-Romanian family survived the Holocaust and immigrated to Colombia. I’m currently in the process of pre-serving my family’s handwritten recipes into a cookbook that celebrates both my roots and the rootedness of our life here on Blue Stallion Farm.
This blog is a view into our lifestyle, the horses, the farm life, good food and country living. I hope to inspire through décor ideas, food and recipes, equestrian living and snapshots of life with my family on Blue Stallion + beyond.
I hope you come visit often, welcome to our farm!