Home Is Where I am With You

With the current state of things, so much uncertainty seems to be lingering over our heads these days. Because of the stay at home orders that have been placed across the country (and the world at this point) we have come to realize just how important home is. And not only just the home itself, but the people who make it ‘your home’.

Our Family

We are more thankful than ever to call our farm in South Florida home. The property is our own little slice of paradise. We get to share this paradise with our animals, the horses, dogs, chickens, cats, birds. Having them to care for and the extra time to focus solely on them has been even more therapeutic than normal.

We are not only getting a chance to slow down a little and truly enjoy our home, but we are also getting more time to spend with our family and enjoy each other’s company. One of our favorite ways to come together is over a meal. We set the table on the back porch, pull out the beautiful linens and special dish ware (because we’re worth it!) and go all out with a true feast! Food is love for our family and being able to share this love with no stresses or busy schedules and running around has been an absolute respite.

Finding this joy despite all that is going on feels like a breath of fresh air. We hope that you can sit down at home with your loved ones that are quarantining with you, navigating through this tough time together, and share a wholesome meal. If you’re looking for a great new recipe, try our family’s Sancocho recipe that we love.

Stay well, friends!

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