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Hanna the Artist

Spending time with my family is one of the most important elements in my life. I love being able to connect with my children every chance I get and having the farm gives my family a lot to bond over. My daughter Hanna just turned 15 and has a real passion for art. As you click through our site you may notice some of the artwork that appears in the headers of each category page. Those were all drawn by Hanna! Having her work on these drawings for our site attest to how Blue Stallion Farm is truly a family affair.
When Hanna was in kindergarten the teacher told me at one of those parent teacher meetings that she was concerned about Hanna because she did not have good hand motor skills! As you can imagine, I was surprised when one day I saw her trying to bend a paper clip and turn it into a figure. That’s when I bought her crafting wire and she started to create sculptures of things such as animals and people. After the crafting wire, Hanna started to work with clay and make all different types of little sculptures and characters with so many expressions that it was amazing to see. Eventually she even made stop motion movies with these characters. From there she got into pen art and water colors as she kept developing new techniques one after another. Hanna even loves to experiment with cooking and to me that is art in itself.
It's so encouraging to see how Hanna expresses herself through art. I really notice how she is inspired by nature and the farm animals that surround her. Some of her drawings are very whimsical where she gives the animals such character and personality. My favorite example of this is her 'Badger in a Dress' drawing. Hanna doesn’t always share her drawings with me but when she does I am in awe. I always think, how do you teach yourself to do that!? She never had lessons, it all comes from her head. I'm always supporting and never pushing her. Hanna loves to be in her room to just create, draw and enjoy her space. She doesn't need entertainment and she has always been able to keep herself busy through art. Like myself, Hanna loves to be at home doing her own thing in her creative little playground. I'm so excited to see what is next for Hanna and how art will play a role in her future.
Some photos of Hanna when she was little and artwork that she's made: