A Late Summer Night’s Gathering

With the weather finally starting to cool down, as we approach the end of the summer season, it calls for a reason to get outside and get our family together. The summer weather here in Florida can be a bit grueling at times so when we catch a break from the heat and there is a slight crispness in the air it’s a reason to celebrate!

Family comes first for us so any chance we get to celebrate each other’s company is a chance to make new memories that we will always cherish. This time we gathered around a beautiful tablescape under the warm glow of twinkling lights in our backyard, spending our night in the place we love most, home.

Candles are a must when crafting the ambiance for this cozy scene. They light up all of the glassware and dishware and make the table sparkle. And of course, fresh flowers, good food and the best company. Combine those elements with some outdoor string lighting and we have our own little villa to escape to for a dinner that transports our minds and hearts.

Having this opportunity to enjoy all of the hard work we put into the farm to create this oasis for our family makes it all worth it, especially when we get to host and savor moments like these. I love the life we all share and have created on Blue Stallion Farm.

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