JB Woodworking Feature in Naturally, Danny Seo Magazine

We are very excited to share that Jimmie's woodworking is featured in the Winter issue of Naturally, Danny Seo Magazine!
Jimmie also shares some tips on how he has turned his interest for woodworking into the polished art forms he now creates today and we encourage you to apply these ideals into your own passions and projects!...
  1. Find an extreme passion - For Jimmie it was the wood itself; he feels a true connection with each piece and when he saw the beautiful things coming out of what he was learning, it drove his passion
  2. Start with a Youtube deep dive - Research the craft and find out if your interest leads you further
  3. Seek out a mentor - Videos only get you so far, so take your skill to the next level with a master of the craft that you can learn from
  4. Don't be discouraged by mistakes - It can take many tries to get your work to where you want it to be; Jimmie has thrown away hundreds of pieces when learning this craft
It is a beautifully written article by Sandy Soria and it takes a little deep dive into Jimmie's background and his creative drive that has fueled his passion for creating these beautiful pieces of art. Jimmie has recently expanded his wood shop and is working away on the large pile of all different types of woods we have in the backyard. It's very important to Jimmie to put these fallen and forgotten pieces to good use and transform them into a masterpiece. "I would never cut down a tree to turn it into a bowl", he says in the article, "I'll grab up wood that will end up as nothing and immortalize it. I want to make beautiful pieces for people to love for a very long time."
We hope you will pick up a copy of this issue to read the full article about Jimmie's background and how he got started with woodworking. And if you are interested in seeing more of his work, check out his Etsy shop.
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