Sancocho is a traditional Latin American soup that is comforting, hearty and rustic. We love to make it and eat it at home at least once a week. Being born in Panama to a Colombian mother, I grew up eating Sancocho all the time and now my children are too, it’s safe to say this dish is a special tradition in my family.

Over the years we’ve changed bits and pieces of the recipe. I prefer a more orange tone to the soup with lots of butternut squash, some sweet potato and less of the regular potato that it typically calls for. This makes the dish a little lighter but at the same time, the squash thickens the soup as it falls apart.

While this recipe makes 6 servings, I usually double it because somebody always wants Sancocho leftovers for lunch the next day. We hope you enjoy this tasty and satisfying dish as much as we do!

Sancocho ingredients Sancocho recipe

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