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Our Homemade Pickles

I love this time of year when we are gathering cucumbers from the garden and pickling them to have a great stock of our homemade pickles throughout the winter. We're lucky enough to not have harsh winters here in Southern Florida but we still love to dive into the cozier traditions during the fall season. There aren't many pickles out there better than a homemade one. We love to load ours with dill, garlic and black peppercorns. This recipe is so easy and well worth every ounce of effort to have the most delicious, crisp pickles on hand! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:13]

Once the pickles are ready you can refrigerate them and enjoy!

Homemade pickles should last for about one or two months refrigerated in their jar. But the longer they sit the less crunchy they will become.