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Shakshuka recipe, Blue Stallion Farm
Shakshuka is a Mediterranean dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, peppers and onions. My father was born in Israel so I travel there often and even lived there for a few years when I was younger. Because of my family’s roots in this region, a lot of Mediterranean foods are staples in our household.
Shakshuka is definitely a comfort food! We eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and to make it even more of a hearty meal, serve it topped with parsley alongside fresh pita bread and a light salad. The real clincher on what makes our Shakshuka hard to beat is that we use fresh eggs that were laid the same day by our backyard hens.
Check out the latest issue of Naturally, Danny Seo to read our feature on our chickens, their eggs and our Shakshuka recipe!