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Homemade Kuaisat

Kuaisat is a special Syrian recipe that my mother taught me to make years ago. Essentially, Kuaisat is a meatball with a hardboiled egg surprise inside.

This recipe was taught to my mother by my paternal grandmother who is originally from Turkey. She was married to a Syrian and was living in Tel Aviv at the time. Ever since she learned this, my mom would make this recipe for our family. As kids, we always loved the surprise of the hardboiled egg inside the meatball. It has become a special meal that I have now passed down to my own children and we love to make this for our family around the holidays.

It's delicious served alongside a salad and some rice but it also works as a sandwich if you put the meatballs between some slices of bread. It's our little spin on the meatball sub! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:14]