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Israeli Salad + A Quick Garden Update

This Israeli Salad has been a standard accompaniment to most Israeli meals (including breakfast!) that my family has made for many years. With a delicious combo of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and peppers can you really go wrong?! Freshly squeezed lemon juice and some chopped parsley make this dish sing. I definitely recommend using some good extra virgin olive oil here too because that is essentially what makes the base for the 'dressing' of this salad.
Because this dish is so popular throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, there are many names to this salad and each follow the same recipe. But I grew up calling it Israeli Salad and it has been a staple at the dinner and breakfast table in my family for many years.
This simple dish adds fresh flavors and depth to any meal as light as eggs at breakfast or to the more substantial dinners that we make, like black bean soup for example. It's also perfect to make at anytime of the year and it will be gracing our tables this holiday season.
We also have some great things happening in our garden this time of year! We just harvested a beautiful bounty of bok choy, kale, fresh mesclun greens, cilantro and oregano.