First Impressions…

Some people say that first impressions are everything. Whether or not that’s your philosophy, we sure do think that an entryway to a home should make a statement!

The entryway is in fact, the first thing people will see upon coming to your home. It sets the scene for what they will see and feel when they walk through that door and in to your space. No big deal, no pressure, right?!

While it may seem a little stressful to think about your entryway being the first impression of your home, we truly believe that if your decor style is a true reflection of yourself and the things you love, that will shine through above all else.

Our entryway is a mix of simplicity and boldness rolled into one. It’s important to remember that simple can also be stunning. To keep things simple we painted our home a calming shade of white. But to balance that out we added some pops of color by painting our front doors blue.

Next we wanted a layer of whimsy and texture and we incorporated those by installing screen doors that have a painted wood frame with a beautiful design. This is our piece of a ‘little extra something’ that puts our mark on the house. It lets our personality shine through! We also installed a chandelier above the door for an added bonus of chic and unexpected. This chandelier makes it feel more like a room in a house rather than the front entryway. Here at the farm we love to make the outdoor spaces feel like an extension of our home and this chandelier was the perfect piece to achieve this feeling.

One thing that can always soften up your entryway is adding some potted plants to flank your doorway. We suggest letting your personality shine through on the planters that you pick. It’s a great way to introduce your style before your guests have set foot in your home.

Once you open our doors we further greet you with a mix of bright blue tones, colorful furniture and farm house inspired artwork. This space combines all of the pieces and styles that we love, items collected over time and family photos that we treasure dearly. It is our first impression and we hope you love it!

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