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blue stallion farm kitchen design contest
Our kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we all gather on weeknights to cook a meal and during holidays when extended family is visiting. Because of this, I wanted a space that my family and I could be completely happy in. I have always admired the textbook farmhouse kitchen and I longed for that classic kitchen that an old farmer would have put together and added on to for his wife over the years. Nothing too matchy, nothing too rich, but always full of personality.
We lived with the original kitchen for years until we finally made the plunge to renovate the space. We removed the upper cabinets and decided to go with open shelving to display the many special dishes and pieces I’ve collected from all over the world. It was such a shame that they were previously hidden behind cabinet doors!
We worked with designers, and our good friends, Curtis and Ani Spoerlein of Made to redesign the kitchen (as well as many other spaces throughout our home!). We used a mix of finishes including, natural and painted surfaces, concrete and copper. Four different types of wood were also used in the space: less expensive poplar for the plank-style cabinet doors, western red cedar for the shelving and on the more expensive spectrum, black walnut for the countertops.
The kitchen window is painted a bold shade of green to frame the beautiful view of the front landscape that you can soak in when washing dishes. The doors, corbels and curtains in the space were also dressed in bold colors to contrast the white walls and lower cabinets. And of course, the refrigerator and dishwasher tie in perfectly being the serene and calming but still bold, unexpected and fun shade of mint green that they are.
The stove area was also given a new look with the handmade plank-style lower cabinet door panels and drawer faces. We also painted the granite parts of the countertop to brighten it up and compliment the tiles and stone which were original to this space.
This little kitchen has a big job to fill serving all six members of our family, but it is truly our gathering point and we are so happy that its new found charm is everything we could have ever dreamed of and more.