Living & Loving With Our Animals

Here at Blue Stallion Farm, we really focus on ways to live comfortably and stylishly with all of our animals. They are such a huge part of our lives and home so we are constantly designing ways to make things animal friendly while keeping things clean and comfortable for everyone.

A few years ago, the video team from Houzz came to our home and documented our story in this great video. Check it out to get a virtual tour of our home. We also share some of our favorite design tips on how we live seamlessly with our beloved furry friends.

*Spoiler alert- we share our solution on how to stylishly hide the litter box while making it always accessible for our kitty! And we solved the problem of where to easily store/hide the large dog beds our mastiffs need at night.

Another thing you'll see in our video is how we've made our barn an extension of our home. We can comfortably spend as much time as possible with our horses because we have a cushy seating area attached to the barn. Shana can also look out her front window of the cottage in the morning and see her sweet horses and turtle in the paddocks right outside her door!

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