Living Room Before + After

When we moved into our house we loved the large open space of the living room but that was about it! First things first, we got rid of that floor and replaced it with wood-inspired tile, which works very well with the humid Florida weather. People always bend down to touch it when I tell them it’s tile, not real wood. It looks so much like rustic wood that they don’t believe it!

We kept the original beams that are on the ceiling because they add great rustic character to the space. Next we got rid of those curtains and the TV built-in and painted the walls to brighten up the space and compliment our colorful furniture. We liked how the far corner was the TV area but we didn’t need the heaviness of the built-in so once we got rid of that the space felt even larger.

Moving on to the bar area, we tore out the structures that were there and had them replaced with a fun eclectic bar that has lots of texture and pops of color. We kept most of the bar shelves open to display our unique glassware and liquor bottles. Changing out the lights over the bar also made a huge difference and add a nice statement to the room.

Once we pulled in all of our furniture and artwork the space really came alive! I hope you enjoy our little living room makeover and are inspired to make some changes in your own home!

The before:

We bought this house turnkey so this is a true before of what it looked like when it came into our hands!

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