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Front Porch Restyle

While we still love a good bold and juicy color palette, it was time for a little bit of a refresh on our front porch.
Just a simple change in paint colors made such a dramatic difference to our homes exterior. We went from a reddish pink color to a white and turquoise scheme. This automatically made our front porch feel brighter and bigger. We went with turquoise for the trim around the windows and the exposed beams to add a pop of color and whimsy (two things always welcome at our home!). We also added some shutters to the windows. They soften up the home and give it a little more of a country cottage feel.
Another easy change we made here was switching up the artwork and seating. We kept our industrial pallet bench but gave it a new look with some quilted linens and pillows, again adding to the cottage vibe. We then replaced the arm chairs for something a little more rustic, a wooden Adirondack chair painted to fit our color scheme.