Master Bedroom Restyle

After years of bright colors and heavy wood tones and textures in our master bedroom, I decided to switch it up and add a fresh look!

Restyling a space with a new paint color and rotated pieces is a great and inexpensive way to add a new look into your home without breaking the bank or calling for any major renovations. I love to work with what we have by changing out styling elements- it’s my favorite way to elevate a space!

Our master bedroom was feeling a little dark and heavy so I recently decided to lighten up the space and make it feel extra cozy.

Here is the before:

I changed our accent wall color from a bold green to a much more subtle light orange/beige color. It acts as a great neutral but still has a little bit of a pop of soothing color to draw your eyes.

I then got rid of the bold blue shelving that we had on this wall and replaced it with an oversized basket to have some organic material while still feeling soft. Above the basket now hangs a vintage mirror. Having this mirror here really opens up this corner and makes it feel bigger and brighter. I also painted the bed side table all white for further brightness and added softly tinted curtains to cozy up the space.

To change things up in the corner, I switched out the chair with one we had elsewhere in the house. Next, adding in a neutral, organic material rug helped to keep things grounded but still airy.

One of the last big changes I did was have the canopy bed taken down. We love this bed frame, it’s a heave wood Indonesian piece but really wanted to open things up so we simply had the canopy portion taken off and now it creates a world of a difference in here! Jimmie thought it was a bizarre request at first, but he trusted my instinct and cut the canopy off, sanded it down and now we achieved that English country look I was going for. This space is much more open, airy and cozy which is just what we wanted; a little oasis for me and my hubby!

Here is the after:

For a tour of the whole room, click here.

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