Surround Yourself With Cozy

Having a home that is cozy and inviting creates a memorable, warm and comfy feeling for all of your guests and most importantly- your family! We love that ethereal feeling of living in a cozy space. It can feel like you are wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket surrounded by soothing candles and sometimes those are actually just the things you need to achieve cozy!

One of our favorite things is making our home feel cozy so we wanted to share some tips on how we do just that. One of the key points is the color choices that you bring into your space. We like to combine lighter airy tones that give you a sense of ease and a freeing feeling with a slight pop of color from a subtle warm hue. For example, our master bedroom has a lot of airy, cooler colors but we balance that out with an accent wall. This accent wall has a warm, natural yet subtle shade. If you want to incorporate some bolder warm shades into your design it feels best to do so in small pops such as artwork or a throw pillow. This way the boldness doesn’t overpower your calming senses.

Another great way to bring the cozy on in is to layer with textures. This can be done with a nice textured blanket or throw pillows, a jute rug, baskets, etc.

Our favorite way to ground the airy tones is by incorporating organic materials. For us that means displaying Jimmie’s handmade wood pieces throughout the house. We love to pair his textured, rich pieces with our softer decor. It instantly grounds the space and adds something special into the mix. We also love to keep fresh florals throughout the house as much as possible. Something live and organic instantly adds another element to your room! Even dried, textural flowers make a cozy statement.

Lighting candles throughout the home gives off soft glowing light and soothing scents to kick start those comfy vibes.
Artfully displaying your books can instantly make a space feel cozy too. Who doesn’t love to curl up with a good book? Having them on display is an invitation to get cozy!
Get creative and use pinecones as an organic material. We painted ours in a soothing pink shade.

Another favorite way in which we surround ourselves with cozy is by mixing old with new. Including vintage or antique pieces in your home instantly adds character and charm into the space. In our master bedroom we have this vintage sofa that we purchased from an antique store. We reupholstered the fabric and it is now a hardworking, well loved addition to our cozy bedroom!

We’d loved to hear some of your favorite ways to make your home cozy!

See our full master bedroom tour here and for more pictures of Jimmie’s woodworking take a look here.

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