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Master Bedroom Before & After

When we moved into our home it was already full of character, but unfortunately it did not match up with our style. It was really important to Jimmie and I that our master bedroom was a serene escape from the outside world. A space that we could retreat to when we need a respite from everyday life and a restful place to lay our heads down every night. We started with the easy and obvious things, like painting the trim, getting rid of the wallpaper, blinds and drapes. We also got rid of the carpeting, light fixtures and existing furniture, with the exception of the desk. We kept the desk because it was too heavy to move out of the room and couldn’t fit out the door. We now embrace this piece and still use it as our desk in this bedroom.
The original layout of the bedroom seemed to force us to place the bed on a particular wall. Even though this seemed like the only option, it rubbed us all the wrong way and we fought to change it. When Ani and Curtis Sporelein of Made were helping us redesign the space, Ani felt strongly that the bed could be centered in the room in front of the large bench window that overlooked the pool patio area in the back of the house. The only problem was that the trifold shutters for closing off the window made that impossible.
To solve this problem, Ani and Curtis fabricated a sliding barn door to replace the trifold shutters. This allowed us to keep our bed here and have the window closed at nighttime. They painted the doors a striking midnight blue to be a real focal point in the space and they also designed them so that art could still be hung on the wing walls and fill in the empty space left behind when the doors are closed.
Curtis also made the yellow custom bedside tables to fit with our style and hold our books, papers and electronics. The top drawer of these tables open upwards and has an interior electrical outlet so we can hide wires but still power up our devices. There is a ledge close to the bed at the perfect height for placing down a coffee cup, water bottle or bedtime book.
Our bed frame also features a custom-built piece for our dogs. Because Lucky and Lulu need large dog beds we needed a space to keep them out of the way during the day time. The wooden piece under the bed pulls out and allows us to easily take their dog beds out at night and put them back in the morning.
We had Curtis build custom shelves alongside the desk area as well as hanging shelves held together by rope to hold plants, books and knickknacks. We love how our master bedroom came out and really enjoy the space, especially when the dogs, and kids pile up in bed with us. We hope you enjoy our amazing before and after transformation!