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Master Bedroom Re-fresh

Recently we had some changes done in our master bedroom to give it a more calming palette and make it a true place of rest. We painted two walls a subtle terra cotta color, taking inspiration from this earthy tone allows us to feel warm and cozy. It is still colorful yet subtle. We also painted the sliding doors which were previously blue a simple white. And to open up the space we took away the canopy that was hanging over the bed...Because who needs one more thing hanging over their head!
We went with more neutral toned drapes, bedding and side tables as well. In addition to all of this we rearranged the furniture and added a sweet vintage couch that I found while thrifting. All of these warming earthy tones bring us calm feelings so we can come home at the end of the day and simply relax our bodies and minds. It is so important for us to have an oasis where Jimmie and I can escape to. A room all to ourselves.

We found inspiration for our color palette from some of our favorite design books