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Shana’s Cottage Featured in Flea Market Decor

The feature is a 12-page spread including a home tour of Shana's entire cottage and an interview. It includes images of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and the beautiful outdoor spaces of the cottage here on Blue Stallion Farm. Along with the photos, are Shana's tips for creating a home that you are truly happy living in and some of the inspiration behind her design choices and style.
Here is a snippet from the magazine and some of our favorite advice from Shana, "I love that when combining styles, if the styles are a true reflection of one's personality, background or what one believes in, they always blend well." This is something our whole family firmly believes and what we convey through our decorating style here at the farm. We know that if you find a piece that you really love, it will find a way to blend into your home and the love will shine through!